ords are finding their ways into our interior design as constant reminders to be grateful, love, live passionately and so on. We’ve seen it on decorative couch pillows, wallpaper, wall decorations, candles, in the kitchen- you name it.

With home being our temple, our sanctuary in stressful times- it’s important to make it an extension of us and our goals. With just a few items, bought or homemade, you can achieve that feeling that makes you say, “There’s no place like home”. 

Each of us has a unique taste, and that deserves to be celebrated in the most expressive way! Here at RBKF, we put together some ideas to help you get started. 

Make sure to show us what you come up with! Who knows, you might be the next Joanna Gaines, Hilary Farr or Tiffany Brooks.

Aug 17, 2020

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