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The New Year is all about resolutions, but we’re flipping the script because whether you’re starting this year with a “New Year, New Me” vibe or a “Dear New Year, It’s Still Me” rhythm, your life deserves a celebration! 

Refresh and Re-energize

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room. The year 2020 was a doozy of a year for most and not the whimsical quirky doozy we all grow to love, but rather the type we wish to bury in a box and never speak of again. 

Merci (Mercy and Gratitude)

In this month of gratitude and thanks, we look at the word Merci as it relates to “thanks” in French, but has evolved to “mercy” here in America meaning compassion or forbearance. Merci comes from the Romans meaning ‘wages’, as in a favor. As human psychology would have it, whenever someone does a favor for us- we typically return the favor tenfold according to psychologist Robert Cialdini.

Living, Thriving and Abundance

What does living mean to you? Are you living simply to survive? Are you living for fulfillment beyond basic needs? Are you building a legacy? Living doesn’t live on some linear idea as we’re all complex and varying in our ways.


In trying times, why do we sometimes make the decision to freeze, flee or fight? Perhaps it is because our backs are against the wall, there are too many opponents or we have no clue what to do. Whatever it is, it is believed to be based in fear and how we cope with that fear.

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