id you catch Kim Fields LifeParty?  If you missed it, don’t worry we’re here to host the After Party and fill you in on all the gems Kim and her guests showered us with!

Luckily the Life Party was recorded, and at almost 2 hours long -- there isn’t a single dull moment from Woody’s cocktails to Alexis Fields’ making us all motion sick.

Watch it here now or keep reading to see what you missed! 

If you ever wondered how you should host a virtual party, then look no further and take notes. 

  • Go live on your favorite platform that easily allows guests
  • Have a line up of some of the best people you know
  • Offer your guests something nice they can do at home
  • Have a purpose for your party to engage your audience

If you’re not loving and laughing, then it’s not a party! 

Kim started with “Refreshing Friend” Dr. Ian Smith of The Doctors (IG handles: @doctoriansmith and @thedoctors). He’s been a huge contributor to Refresh by KF this past year. He’ll also be sharing medical and medicinal contributions to Refresh by KF in the near future. But what we all love about Dr. Ian is that he not only contributes his thoughts on Western Medicine, he also leaves us with gems like “People have to find their purpose and vision to make everyday matter because life is short.” He ended his visit in the IG live chat by urging everyone to get vaccinated! 

Next was Refresh by KF’s resident Mixologists Woody (IG handle: @wsjbartending) who made the most beautiful Refreshing cocktails and mocktails, which he calls “Happy Punch”. He was on a mission to make sure that we “Still enjoyed the essence of having family and friends around”. You can find all the recipes to the cocktails below. 

Recipe from our resident Mixologist Woody of WSJ Bartending
Recipe from our resident Mixologist Woody of WSJ Bartending
Recipe from our resident Mixologist Woody of WSJ Bartending

One of our favorites, the hilarious and kind hearted Yvette Nicole Brown (IG handle: @yevettenicolebrown) showed up paying her respects to legends Cicely Tyson, Cloris Leachmen and Larry King. While talking about Life Party and what that meant to her, here’s what she had to say: “We all walk in their footsteps and routes they have taken” and in response to Cicely Tyson’s last words with Gayle King, “It has to be enough that you’re doing your best.” Life Party isn’t just about the living but is also to “honor those who have been and celebrate them”, Kim says.

We also found out that Yvette can read backwards, upside and both at the same time. We really hope that’s on her acting resume! 

Another exciting thing is that Refresh by KF is starting a Spotify account with all the music that gives us life! If you have suggestions, be sure to DM @refreshbykf or visit refreshbykf.com and leave your suggestion there. 

Next was Susan Verde (IG handle @susanverde and susanverde.com), a wonderful children’s author of the “I Am” book series teaching kids and parents about self-worth and being whole. Susan and Kim (and Quincy) talked about Passport to Parenting coming to Refresh by KF which is meant to help parents fulfill their children’s curiosity. Susan says, “Be the model by showing your kids it’s okay to feel, cry, breath and take time for themselves and other healthy ways to cope when you’re feeling big feelings.”

Then we had the sweetest and gorgeous married couple, beauty blogger Hali Trish (IG handle: @halitrishjohnson) and youth pastor Kels Johnson (IG handle @thekelsjohnson) step in the room, dressed to nines with her in a bold red lip, wide brim hat, and him in a leather jacket. They dropped a gem about beauty from the inside out and how it relates to your faith. Hali says “Selfcare is the power to refresh yourself so you can refresh others”, while Kels says “Dive deeper into your faith to remain anchored, steadfast and in alignment with who you really are.” 

Sticking to reasons why we all gathered for this party, Kim couldn’t let us continue without talking about travel. She brought in the serene and tranquil Johnna Messa (IG handle @johnnamessatravels) a Luxury Travel Concierge who spilled some realities on us about travelers. She reassured us that people are still traveling although they’re taking different precautions recommended by the CDC and WHO. She says, “Your travel concierge is here to take out the stress of travel and help you have a refreshing vacation.” 

I don’t think this article will do justice for the way Kim fangirled over actor Titus Burgess (IG handle @instatitus), who is so humble and wise. It felt like these two had been friends for years, although they’ve only ever met virtually. He dropped a gem so big, Kim had to verify if he made that up or got it from somewhere. He says, on the topic of feeling found and heard “Some people are more comfortable with the discomfort of hiding than they are at the bravery and courage it takes to be found”, mentioning that this used to be him. Be on the lookout for his new Aretha Franklin project “Respect” as he plays Reverend Dr. James Cleveland.  

With plans to finish strong with life coach and overall beautiful person -- Erica Strong (IG handle @finishingstrong) came ready with an inspiring song by India Arie playing in the background which you’ll catch in Refresh by KF’s Spotify list. And Erica, the gem dropper she is says, “Just do you and stand in that space of authenticity and power and you will be discovered and found because you are enough. The things that are meant for you will cling to you like a magnet.” 

And just when Kim was wrapping up the party and ready to sign off, little sis Alexis Fields (IG handle @alexisfieldpix) warned her that she better not finish the party without her! Once we got Alexis in the room, we ran into some technical but hilarious issues with getting a clear view of her face but once we got a good enough angle, all children had to be excused as they spoke sister to sister, adult to adult. Here’s what Alexis says about Life Party, “Life Party can be internal. Reside in that space. We’ve been told to be a certain way, especially as women, so live in the space to celebrate the things you were ashamed about and embrace your qualities.”

What a fine, fun and classy way to end the party. What we can all take away is that the nuances of life are meant to be celebrated and that no matter what, we should all be our authentic selves , celebrating with those who accept us for who we are whether we’re in our highest or lowest of moments. 

We look forward to all the wonderful things Kim’s guests and Refresh by KF has lined up for this year. Don’t forget to watch the full party here to get inspired to throw your own Life Party and let us know how it turns out! 

Go live your life! 

Jan 31, 2021

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