hy is birth so exciting? It’s because it’s the beginning of something new that we’re not able to conceive, yet we know it’s on the way and will change our lives forever. In the context of rebirth, why do we still feel those same feelings? It’s because the only difference between birth and rebirth is that we’re doing it all over again, still not sure how this will change us forever - - but we know it will.

Now, we’re not just talking about literal birth but rather the ideas and events that change the course of our entire lives. Whether it be a fitness journey, start of a business, career change, solo travel, or complete lifestyle food change (i.E. pescatarian, vegan, etc.), the concept of you starting this path is with the intention that you’ll come out better for it. There’s no going back to who you were, or getting away from what you’ve learned. 

If you choose to abandon the idea, it’s not without the consequence of growth or ignorance. 

Reason for abandoning it may be that it doesn’t feel real because you’re not used to experiencing emotions like shock, disbelief or surrealism. 

Yet it’s really a test of your endurance to live uncomfortably through new beginnings. For those of us who choose to move forward with rebirth we are proving that there is still room to grow. And so the real journey begins with nurturing. 

To nurture an idea we have to change our habits. This typically looks like getting rid of distractions, like excessive screen time, overspending, over drinking and excessive working. This will also look like the end of toxic relationships that don’t support or fit your mission. You’ll ask yourself, do I want this person to stick around or know about this idea? And if the answer is no, then you know it’s time to let them go. 

You may also have to add tools and resources (similar to midwives and doulas for a human birth) that help us ease into and understand the changes that are happening. 

These tools look like self-help books, affirmations, project management tools and coaching. If someone appears as a guide, take their mentorship because although their journey will not have been exactly the same, it may be quite similar. 

Through this nurturing process, you’ll naturally do your research so that you can protect your idea, which may lead you to a solid community of people who support you. 

Remember that the people that care about you and your success will forgive you if you disappear for a while to focus. 

Life changing ideas can look and feel exhausting if you always fixate on the big picture, so make sure you give yourself time to digest new information. Have you ever heard of “eating the elephant”? It suggests that the information in front of you isn’t so overwhelming if you eat it one bite at a time. What makes it even more digestible is tracking your progress occasionally looking back at how far you’ve come and celebrating small victories. Every action counts in some way lending itself as a moment to know what works and what doesn’t. Since you have a community of supporters, share this progress with them because they will cheer you on! It’s normal to have your reservations as things progress and your idea is no longer an idea, but something that’s beginning to move and pick up traction. When in doubt, always come back to your progress and community of supporters. 

Now that you see your idea taking motion and gaining interest, you may feel a mix of emotions. It’s not likely that you’re going to make big changes at this point, but you still may be fine tuning the small details in preparation for launch. Just understand that you may not get to every detail before the big idea goes on display. This is called the home stretch because you see the possibility in front of you and either all that preparation, planning and hard work will come to fruition or in some cases it may not. 

This can be scary because at this stage you’ve put in so much hope and have accepted that this new reality will be yours even though not long ago it was unfathomable. 

Fast forward 10, 20, 30 years later - - You may not be able to imagine what your life will be like. It’s easier to see year from year and reach short-term goals, but when you’re thinking decades later the question “I wonder what my life will look like 10 years from now?” is typically where we stop because it’s harder to predict and know what may happen in that span of time. We don’t usually create action steps to follow over those 10 years, rather we keep the same rhythm of our annual short term goals. It’s the year to year milestones that get us there which is why we always celebrate things annually like our birthdays. 

It’s our own rebirth that makes us appreciate life and gives us wisdom and guidance. 

It keeps us hopeful for the decades past and the future ahead of us. You’ll treat your idea in the same way. Whether you’re in the home stretch or it’s been in front of you for years, you’ll keep celebrating every year. 

Finally, it’s time to debut your creation and those emotions you first felt when you conceived your idea are back in full force. You can see it right in front of you, and it’s not longer something you only ever dreamt about, but rather it’s right in your hands and that deserves a celebration. You may feel a bit nervous because your creation is now out there and vulnerable to critics (and possibly haters). 

It’s this vulnerability that will keep you motivated to protect your creation and still continue to nurture growth and progress. 

You’ll want to keep your creation nearby until you trust others to care about it as much as you do. And because this feeling of community, nurturing, protecting and growing is so good, it’s worth coming back to every year as your creation hits milestones. 

Fortunate that this creation has survived another year, you’ll be celebrating its birth and rebirth, renewing your sense of energy all over again 10, 20, 30 years from now.

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Apr 9, 2021

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