irst off, let’s address the elephant in the room. The year 2020 was a doozy of a year for most and not the whimsical quirky doozy we all grow to love, but rather the type we wish to bury in a box and never speak of again. 

Many of us felt stuck and isolated, only having one room to another to venture into (this would be a good time to live in the Chateau de Versailles). It may have been the first time an introvert felt lonely. And sadness, like the blue cartoon character from Disney’s “Inside Out”, overstayed her welcome like a smelly fish. For real though, it’s been a tough year, especially if you’ve lost anything like your job, livelihood or a loved one and for that, we share our condolences. 

During the final days of this perpetual Groundhog Day, we want to help you all feel Refreshed and Re-energized for 2021, as we know many of you have been hesitant to call it your year. We can let you know now, no one jinxed the year and that we feel it all happened for a reason. The year 2020 was about vision, and we hope that despite the hardships you gained some perspective on life that you can carry on in 2021. 

Let’s break out of the same shit, different day mentality by first saying goodbye to common words like “uncertainty, unprecedented, covid-19, corona and “In this together” and instead “Get out of this together.” Jump into some new hobbies that will challenge you, especially if it makes you uncomfortable. And although we can’t replace the same people we see everyday (aka our household family), you know the ones you stare at smiling, but also think “I love you and you’re driving me crazy”- you can still find a moment for yourself with the proper preparation and planning. 

What we all need to fuel our engines again and get revved up for 2021 is stimulation, creativity, something new and peace. This will reaffirm that you’re not a robot, that you haven’t short circuited, that you’re still fun and most importantly- that you’re still human. 

Below are 10 ways to Refresh and Re-energize starting today so you can walk into 2021 ready to be the badass you know you are!

Creative Activities

We know that it may seem like you’ve done it all, but there is never a shortage of creative things you can do by yourself or with your family. And your question may be, “What creative things can I do? I’m not even creative enough to think of something creative!”. To help you out, here are a few suggestions!

  1. Sewing or knitting holiday gifts is a great way to keep your hand busy and your mind calm. If you prefer to be creative alone, this is the right activity for you. 
  2. Painting and drawing are good activities to do alone or with a loved one. You can learn about abstract art, perspective, organic and inorganic shapes, value, gradient and more. 
  3. Tired of streaming movies and television? Create your own production and story under the confinement of your home, within a strict budget and limited equipment and you may just produce something extraordinary, if not fun and exciting to look back on in the future. More than likely you’ll need a production team (aka your family) but if you really like a challenge, try it alone. 

Physical Activity

Not a dancer? Dance! Not a runner? Run! Not a singer? Sing anyway. Engage in a physical activity you would never engage in otherwise just to do something new. The chicago footwork is an extremely quick and complex dance for most. Have you heard about the Atlanta based dance J-Sette evolved from HBCU Majorettes by the underground LGBTQ community? And how about the rhythm of Puerto Rico’s Bomba? Just get up and dance, even if you’re shy because no one can see you anyway! 


Sex can be done with someone or alone, but we don’t have to tell you that. But we want to help you reinvent the wheel a little bit in case you’re getting bored. Fulfill your partner's fantasy or have them fulfill yours, grab some toys, wear something you’ve never worn before (gift wrap maybe?, dessert maybe?), or put on a lot of layers and make a game out of it. Whatever you do have fun and if you don’t have a partner- do the same for yourself! Wear lingerie that makes you feel good and double take on yourself when you walk past that full length mirror! 


Turn off your phone, computer and even the TV and just be with yourself for an hour or however long you want. This may seem weird and foreign for some of you, but being with yourself gives you a moment to pause and breath from the overwhelming information that’s thrown at us everyday. When you are back online, here is a TedTalk by Paul Miller who went offline for a year. 

Play with your kids and pets more

Play with them so much that it confuses them! See if they can keep up with your inner kid and play the things that interest them, even if it doesn’t make sense. Let them guide your imagination and see if you have more energy than them by the end of the day. Then go soak in a hot bath to minimize soreness the following morning! 

Write a handwritten letter to loved ones

Whether they’re still with you or gone, write something you want them to know or don’t say enough. Write to mend wounds and heal. Write to take off pressure. If you want to share it, that’s up to you! 

Organize your house

Now you know there is something you’ve been avoiding for a long time, that needs organizing. Whether it’s the garage, basement, attic, or that junk drawer- now’s the time to organize it and really think about whether you need those things to fill your space or if it’s better left emptied for new things to come. If you’re not sure where to start, let Marie Kondo help you out! 


There are so many people we never knew we wanted to hug and when this is all over, we’ll never take advantage of a warm embrace. If you’re fortunate to live with someone, make sure you hold each other in hugs or exchange massages. If you live alone, tie the arms of your hoodie behind the back, put it on and pray! Just kidding- however, book a massage with a reputable business and ask them what they’re safety precautions are for preventing covid. 

Read a book or series in a day

Get lost in another world by reading a sci-fi, adventure or romance novel. Graphic novels like Watchmen and Saga are great too if you’re wanting something more visual. Both take you out of our world into something much more complicated that makes our reli-life problems not feel so daunting. 

And finally, if you’re sad, go ahead and feel sad. No need to run from your feelings

Don’t be ashamed of how you feel. In time, you’ll work through it and will eventually learn to cope with ongoing feelings and thoughts, or you’ll start to feel better. Feel free to talk to someone who will be objective, listen and only offer advice if you ask for it. There are typically resources through your state governments, jobs or local food pantries. On the flip side, it’s also okay to feel joy, even if everyone else around you isn’t feeling it. You never have to apologize for how you feel to spare others, as long as you’re not intentionally causing harm to yourself and others. Find your cheer and hold onto it as long as you can! 

We know we said we want to bury 2020 somewhere, but really it is a year to remember because we’re lucky we get to see the next year with a new perspective on life. We know this too shall pass as we get through it together in the best way we can. We hope you all find some value in knowing you’re not alone and that you take these refreshing and re-energizing tips and run with them! Wishing you Happy Holidays to Refresh and Re-Energize you for 2021!

Dec 1, 2020

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