e know that resolutions start strong in the beginning of the year and if yours was to practice self-love and selfcare, then we’re here to help by promoting better sleep health! 

Right now Kim Fields’ Silk Selfcare Collection which consist of a pillowsleeve, eye mask and face mask made from 100% Silk Mulberry is the perfect trio to keep you healthy while you’re asleep and awake. 

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, this trio is currently on sale for $99 helping you slip into February with the promise you made for yourself, and even supporting you in helping loved ones sleep better too! 

There are so many ways to take care of yourself, but we’re focusing on sleep because it is so important to every aspect of your life. 

Many of us know that sleep is meant to help us function better by resting our minds, fighting off disease, and overall putting us in a more concentrated and clear state once we’re awake again. 

Each stage of sleep, which consists of 90-120 mins of three Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) stages and one Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage, helps the body transition from wakefulness to sleep, to an overall rested evening and “Snow White” like awakening.

In the first three stages your body and muscles relax, your breathing slows down and brain waves lower. Then in REM sleep your eyes move back and forth quickly, your body is temporarily paralyzed, and this is known to consolidate your memories or information learned from the day.

Considering we sleep 7+ hours a night, you’ll go through these cycles four or more times a night. Or so you should!

Easier said than done right?!

The benefits of sleep range from:

  • Better Mood
  • Improved Mental Health
  • Better cognition, reaction and attention
Silked Self-care Collection Inspired By Kim Fields

But how do we get there when so many of us struggle with sleep disorders like chronic sleep deprivation, insomnia, sleep apnea and even narcolepsy. 

For a more restful night sleep, it should be planned like you would plan any other part of your day. 

Establishing a sleep routine puts you in a rhythm that ultimately lets your body and brain know it’s almost time for sleep. In your routine consider what kind of sheets you have on the bed, the temperature, the lighting, the sound and the smell. Is it optimal for your comfort and if not, how do you alter that. 

If you have a partner, it may be challenging to find that sweet spot- but there are things you can do for yourself that won’t disrupt your partner like wearing a silk eye mask, or using a silk pillowcase to regulate your temperature, and prevent tugging on your skin, eyes and hair. 

If you struggle with getting proper rest and want to improve your sleep health, let us help you improve your sleep routine with Kim Fields’ Silk Selfcare Collection and be sure to let us know how you’re doing! 

Resources: Why do we need sleep?

Silked Self-Care Trio Inspired By Kim Fields
Sleep Flawlessly with Silk Trio Inspired By Kim Fields! Now $99, through Valentine’s Day with code KIMLOVE

Jan 25, 2021

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