ave you ever seen someone wearing something so eccentric and you wonder how they pull it off? You certainly would never wear it, but somehow it fits them. 

The answer is Style! 

Style is never a thoughtless process and can be as unique as your DNA. Even celebrities who get caught in the same outfit, never look the same head-to-toe given their unique sensibility and individual pairing of shoes & accessories. We may be asking who wore it better, but regardless it’s an expression of their style. 

Style, like health & fitness, takes time and effort to practice as you build the perfect collection in your armoire of one-of-kind clothing and simple pieces you know you can throw on for any occasion.  Like a fine piece of art, it can take months and even years to complete your masterpiece, but once you have- it’s worth all the effort to be able to share your Style, and with confidence. 

Whether your style is complex, simple, expensive, affordable, loud or subtle- there’s always a way to make sure you feel your best, even when no one is there to see you strut your stuff!

Jul 6, 2020

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