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Refresh by KF is here to start the conversations others are afraid to start, in hopes that you’ll keep them going. We’re not saying we’re always right, and we don’t believe we’re wrong. We’re here to fulfill the curiosity of the community around us, and share authentic voices and experiences. Imagine if we all just listened a little more. Growth would be fueled by gratitude and the privilege to learn and carry on healthy conversations, even in disagreement. Through the inspiration of health & wellness, interior design, travel, music, style and more — We offer you the agency to choose your own journey while you find residence with the RBKF community. Welcome!

xo, Kim Fields

Health & Wellness

Everyone’s talking about it, and only recently has health and wellness gone beyond the scope of physicality. Even so, we all have an image in our head of what that looks like, and honestly- at RBKF we believe that image is misleading.

...and honestly, -at RBKF we believe that image is misleading!

Learn why health & wellness isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of topic and why health & wellness is just as unique as the person working towards their goals.

Interior Design

Your space should always be an extension and reflection of what makes you feel good. Here at RBKF we approach interior design with the hopes that you won't just learn about it, but that you’ll actually apply it. Whether you can afford an interior designer, or you have time for home improvement projects- our expert contributors give you the insider scoop on how easy it is to achieve your perfect oasis.


Traveling just keeps getting better and better, as we continue to break boundaries and make technological advances on how to come face-to-face with our favorite tourist attractions and historical sites. We believe that travel shouldn’t be a reflection of what’s in your wallet or defined by age, race, sexuality and gender. Travel is merely a means of education, and everyone should have access to that!


Music is nourishment to the ears, mood and soul. There’s a song out there for everyone, including those who can’t hear, as music transcends sound into penetrating vibrations and movement.

Music is nourishment to the ears, mood and soul.

Whether you’re looking to expand your music library, dive into music history or become a musician yourself, we explore music as medicine for anyone's healing.


Why does style make us feel sexy? Because it’s an expression of our confidence. That’s why! Your style wasn’t built in one day. We take a curious look at the evolution of style and why some trends and materials never get old. If you’re looking to upgrade or downgrade your style, we have some exciting input you can take or leave no matter how big or little your budget is!


At RBKF, food is one of our favorite topics of discussion as things can get heated debating about the best baked macaroni and cheese, heated discussing the best blend of spices, or heated with the perfect temperature for that baked Thanksgiving turkey. Regardless, food is such a large part of everyone's culture, wellness, creativity, gratification, nourishment and love. Where does this discussion ever end? It doesn’t. And we want to hear what you have to say about it!

Our Amazing Team

We cordially invite you to join the Refresh By KF Team.   This epic Lifestyle Brand dedicated to sharing authentic experiences that inspire health & wellness, interior design, travel, music, style, and more.

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