esign is a great storyteller of the one person or group of people that constructed it. There’s conversations to be had about why a certain piece of furniture was chosen, why a husband added built-in shelving to the walls, why the kitchen was renovated the way it was and more. It may be why the RBKF team loves a good design and home buying show on HGTV!

Regardless, if you take a moment to scan your home, your office, your car and even your pets belongings- you’re sure to see a common design element that speaks to you and your design expression. 

However, the reason why we don’t all have design jobs is because we may be missing a key element to contrast our ideas, focus our attention to detail, and elevate our vision. That’s why we enlisted the keen eye and knowledge of some of our favorite designers to give you guidance on how to makeover even the smallest of spaces. 

You should always feel inspired and warm in the temple you call, home.

Jun 18, 2020

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